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Asset Recovery

Valuation and customized action plan for the restoration, provisioning, and recycling of your wireless and enterprise assets and recovery of revenue.

Installation and De-installation

Professional services remove idle, surplus, and end-of-life hardware - reducing budget and storage constraints - and are replaced as needed.

Digital Sanitation

Data sweep in accordance with privacy laws and regulations. Data Certificate of Destruction issued.

Repair & Redeploy

Reconfigured and tested technology enters secondary equipment market, meeting demand for cost-effective, non-OEM product.

Provision Visibility

Monitor in real-time the logistics of re-marketing or recycling your asset portfolio with FLOWS - the Facilities, Logistics, Oversight, & Warehousing System.


Recapture maximum value of technology investment through resale of assets in secondary market until recycling is necessary.

Responsible Recycling

Assets disassembled into commodity recyclables in accordance with zero landfill policy. Digital media de-manufactured by shredding. Split of commodity value and Certificate of Destruction issued.

Technology Refresh

Obtain repaired, refurbished technology complete with installation and maintenance for hardware and network infrastructure.

Tellworks delivers profitable, eco-friendly solutions for a hardware-saturated world.

We maximize idle technology assets while mitigating compliance risks.

total cost of ownership

Total Cost of

Tellworks repairs, remarkets, and recycles assets to reduce total cost of ownership, warehousing, and compliance burdens. Enterprise and wireless devices of the past, sitting idle today, will fund your I.T. budget tomorrow.

manage change


Tellworks supplies your company with quality, cost-effective components from the secondary market. We both install and de-install assets for resale or recycling when ready to replace. It's that easy.

mitigate risk


Tellworks' certified sanitation of data and proprietary information provide peace of mind before repair. Compliant recycling practices deliver commodity value back to you. Only the value of your assets lives on.